Issue Date 14/04/17


Environmental Policy


KX Technologies is committed meeting the needs of our customers in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, through continuous improvement in environmental performance. We aim to ensure the safety of our products and our operation with respect to the environment and reduce our environmental footprint.


To achieve these goals, we will:


       Evaluate the environmental impacts at every stage, from sourcing of raw materials, through production, to when our customer uses and disposes of our products.


       Prevent pollution resulting from our activities and products.


       Compliance with applicable environmental legislation and regulatory requirements.



The Environmental Management System will set objectives to measure its effectiveness and communicate these objectives to the employees. These objectives will be established as part of the management review process and reviewed annually for effectiveness. KX Technologies will ensure that all employees are aware of their environmental responsibility.


This Environmental Policy will be available to the Public by one or more of the following methods


       Display at the entrance to the facility

       Publish in company brochures

       Post on company web site